Thursday, May 10, 2012

Campaign Killing Questions for Mitt Romney

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Do you support your churches teaching which affirms the principle of polygamy?
Do you support the right of Mormon and other polygamist to marry more than one spouse legally?
Should polygamy be a crime?
When you say that your campaign is about saving the should of America, what do you mean?
Do you have Asbergers syndrome?
If yes, will this condition negatively affect your ability to function as president?
If no, do you believe that a person who has Asbergers syndrome can be trusted to be the commander in chief?
Will you place your hand on a book of Mormon when you take the oath of office?
Are all of your children firmly opposed to polygamy and homosexuality?
Do corporations have the right to fire polygamists for practicing polygamy?
Do you hope to be in the celestial kingdom in the world?
Do you expect to be married to more than one wife in the celestial kingdom?
Will other Latter Day Saints be married to more than one wife?
Will Joseph Smith and Brigham Young have more than one wife in the celestial kingdom?
Do you expect Jesus Christ to return to earth and rule in America according to the laws of the Book of Mormon?
Should states which permit polygamy or plural marriage be allowed to receive federal funding?

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